Deidra is amazing! She is very detail oriented and always does a great job with any task! Nothing is too big or too small for her!
— Laurie N.
We use PS Annapolis to transport a family member 3 times a week. They are wonderful and we feel most confident having them drive this family member to appointments.
— Lorie S.
Deidra is reliable, mature, trustworthy, responsible and clean/neat. She has been house sitting and pet sitting for me for more than 20 years. She always follows the directions I leave and is respectful of my home and it’s belonging. I always know that everything is safe when I leave them with Deidra. I highly recommend her for house sitting and/or pet sitting!
— Linda F.
What an emotional and productive day! With Deidra’s amazing organizational skills and amazing, positive personality, we were able to move GrandMom into her nice new Assisted Living studio apartment.
— Kathleen M.
Adios STUFF and thank you Deidra Stevens for lighting the spark ✨ and helping our family purge all of the things that do not bring us JOY!

*highly recommend contacting her ⬆️to get your life in order. She’s been a lifesaver from helping to organize our garage (formerly packed from floor to ceiling with tons of stuff I could never find), organizing our basement to helping me get the things out of my house and checked ✔️off my to-do list that never seemed to get done and were in a million piles alllll over!

If I could package up the feeling of relief as all of these THINGS left ➡️🚙 my house and the weights that have been lifted from removing them🙌🏼...I would share it with everyone! I can’t do that, so I’m giving you the next best thing...a referral to our saving grace and sanity, Deidra! ❤️
— Jennifer D.
I appreciate all of the help you have given me with organizing and errands! You are awesome and you fill a need for sure!
— Diane D.