Spring Clean Your Clutter!

It’s that time of year when the sun peeks out from behind the grey sky and gives us all a healthy dose of energy and renewal. This feeling of a fresh start is a great time to check in on all of those New Year’s Resolutions and promises we made to ourselves back in January. How are you doing on your goals? Have you stalled on your plans to reorganize all of your closets, to donate all of your kids old clothes or finally clean out your garage?

I’ll be honest - I’ve only accomplished about 10% of my goals for this year which has me entering this second act of the year feeling a little behind. It’s SO EASY to get distracted. I’ve been pulled in too many different directions. So I am using this spring energy to recommit to focusing on my goals for this year. There are so many fun things (or not so fun things) that need to get done for your family, good tv to watch, busy kids to chase, school events to bake for, sports events to get to, work tasks that take twice as long as scheduled. I could go on and on. Want to join me in taking some time this week to recommit to our goals for this year and refocus on what’s important to you to accomplish for yourself?

What is the one project you want to accomplish this spring? Share it in the comments below. It’s one of my goals to post more blog posts with tips and tricks! So send me suggestions with what you are working on!