New Year, New Start!

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Welcome to the new! Since I started this business in April we’ve already gone through our first transformation. We are shifting our focus to include home organizing and decluttering to supplement our errand services. When I started this business I did so with one goal in mind - find ways to help busy professionals accomplish their goals by removing stress from their every growing to-do list! With each new customer, as we sat down to discuss what I could do to help make their lives easier, it usually started with some type of chaos within their home space. They had spots in their homes that bred anxiety or shame. How many of you are thriving in your workplace but struggle to carry over that structure into your personal space? (I am raising my hand here!) I never expected this to happen when I started this business but I have found myself enjoying the work so much I had to shift my focus to provide this service to more people!

To kick things off on January 2, 2019 we will begin our first 30 day de-clutter. Each day I will share some tips and tricks to getting rid of the clutter in your space! After working with a few clients, I realized I not only wasn’t following my own advice but I didn’t have systems incorporated in some of the tasks in my life either! So I’ll be doing the challenge right along with you. Together I am challenging us to get rid of 10 things every day for 30 days. Yes! 300 items! Each day we’ll focus on a new category and find ten items we can get our of homes. Once you realize how easy it is to get rid of the things you aren’t using anymore it becomes addicting! I’ll be posting some before/after photos and sharing some of my favorite charities and ways to recycle the items as they leave your home. Once you are able to narrow down the items in your home that you want to keep and use then we can get started on how to organize the spaces and how to delegate some of your daily tasks to make your home life as productive as your work life.

You can follow along with us on Instagram or Facebook, plus I’ll be posting weekly resource links here on this blog. You can sign up to receive our email updates here.

In 2019 we will continue to provide you with our excellent errand services (and we are hiring if you know anyone looking for a part time gig!) I hope you love that we are expanding our services to help you declutter and organize your space. Whether it’s a whole home reorganization or just need to create systems for your central locations we can help provide the help and structure to create the life you want!. Problem Solved!

Happy 2019! Lets get started!